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Easy Step By Step Instructions For The Custom Jewelry Design Form

Having jewelry custom-designed for you is a golden opportunity to get EXACTLY what you want! And if you follow this step-by-step guide, you'll get the best possible value for a one-of-a-kind piece that is uniquely and exclusively yours.

The price will be affected though by the amount of "uniqueness" built into the design. Here's why. The cost of custom-designed jewelry is the sum of three things:

  1. the cost of the precious metal
  2. the cost of the gemstones
  3. the cost of the design

You can control all three items to stay within a budget (minimum USD$1,000). For the metal and gemstones, you can choose the type and quantity. Together we can manage the cost of design, mainly by communicating clearly.

In effect, the more time you spend making your needs clear to us, the less time we need to spend on the design. And we'll always let you know the most economical way of doing things.

Now, here are the steps in the custom-design process.

Step 1

You write to us with a description of what you want by completing the custom-design form on our site. We've organized and simplified the form as much as possible.

We're asking you to provide quite a bit of information, including such things as your phone number and address. This is mainly to streamline our design communications and definitely NOT to turn you off with any ugly upselling.

Step 2

We send you an automatic reply to acknowledge your inquiry and to remind you of the steps involved in creating your custom-designed jewelry.

Step 3

One of our designers reviews your inquiry and responds personally to you. This initiates a dialog that will result in a design concept detailed enough for us to prepare a firm price quote.

This first contact with you will usually be by phone, mostly to reassure you that there's a real person looking after your needs.

Step 4

Step 4 is the preliminary design process. It involves several communications, usually by email, but by phone too when needed. We'll also likely exchange a few sketches and photos.

At some point in the process, when both parties feel they understand one another, we'll have the information we need to give you a firm price quote.

Our firm price quote will include a request for a non-refundable deposit of 15% of the total value of the order.

Step 5

After you've accepted our price quote and we've received your deposit, we start work on Step 5, which is the final design process. Count on 20 days for this step.

If the design involves the creation of a wax model, we will send you a photo of it before proceeding to casting. At this stage, minor changes are still possible.

As soon as we've completed your order, we'll send you a high-resolution photo to review. At this stage, virtually no changes are possible, except for surface things like engraving.

Step 6

Upon receipt of your balance of payment, we fedex your exclusive custom-designed jewelry to you and typically, you receive it the following day.

So there you go... the six easy steps involved in getting custom made jewelry that you help design. Go to the custom jewelry design form if you're ready to proceed.

IMPORTANT. Unlike the ready-to-buy items in the catalog, your custom-designed jewelry is NOT REFUNDABLE. This is because it's designed and built to your unique specifications. For this reason, it's really important for us to communicate clearly about the design. And that's why we've prepared this step-by-step design guide!

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