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Help Design Your Own Custom Made Jewelry With This Easy To Use Form

Use this page to help create your own custom made jewelry. Just enter your basic ideas into the form to start a design dialog with the creative team.

NOTE. If you're not totally familiar with the custom made jewelry design process, click here for details about the steps involved, the main cost elements and delivery times.

Don't worry about the cost. There are endless combinations of materials to suit any budget (minimum USD$1,000). And what we do for you will be one of a kind. To see examples of some custom designs, click here.

Although all form fields are required, you are under NO OBLIGATION when filling out this form. It is only the preliminary first step of several steps. YOU start the process and YOU can stop it at any time.

Important Delivery Information

If you need your order delivered by a specific date (especially before holiday periods) please enter that date here.

1st... a bit about you

First Name:

Last Name:


Phone: (needed in case of design questions)

Best time to call: (to avoid alerting a gift partner)

2nd... the thing you want


3rd... the basic metal

Yellow Gold
White Gold
Yellow/White Gold
Don't know

4th... the basic color/gem

Red to Pink to Colorless
Yellow to Orange to Brown
Blue to Purple to Black
Green and Other
Tahitian Pearls
Don't know

5th... your own ideas

Give as much detail as possible. Mention model numbers you like. Where applicable, give ring size, bracelet length, necklace length, gemstone size, etc. If there's something like it on the web, point us to it. If you have a photo or a sketch of your idea, contact us for ways of sending it. In any case, enter a complete description in your own words here.

Click here to see some of our custom designs. You're sure to be surprised at the creativity. The synergy of the customer working with an experienced designer shines through brilliantly.

Looking For Inspiration?

Image of men's rings jewelry.
Image of men's cufflinks jewelry.
Image of men's bracelets jewelry.
Image of men's custom jewelry.