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About The Unique Jewelry For Men Team

Donald Coggan, owner of Unique Jewelry for Men.Hello! Donald Coggan here with a warm welcome to Unique Jewelry For Men. Let me give you some background and rationale for me now owning and operating this site.

I'm an Engineer and Internet Business Consultant, and the original creator of the site before the previous owners decided to focus on other things.

In 1981, I started providing technical consulting services throughout the US, Canada and internationally to clients in the private and public sectors.

In early 1996, I left my consulting engineering practice cold turkey and began applying my previous experience to the development of Internet businesses throughout the US and Canada.

Brick And Mortar Go Online

One of those businesses was a jewelry shop owned by Thanh Van Pham and his wife. Thanh and I got to know one another while walking our dogs. Of course we got to talking about selling jewelry online. Says Thanh...

"Don led us very patiently into developing some new merchandizing ideas we never thought possible. He gracefully offered up his never-ending source of knowledge at building a successful business for us."

Well, that was quite some time ago. Although the online business eventually ended up doing better than the brick and mortar storefront, "life got in the way" and the business closed.

As one of the co-creators of the online part of the business, I could not bear to see the site just disappear. Thanh agreed to transfer ownership to me. For years I kept it on life support while it quietly slept waiting for the right moment to spring back to life.

That right moment happened around mid-July 2013 (near my birthday) when I realized that all the work done by the original team could serve as an inspiration for anyone looking for beautifully crafted jewelry for men.

"What's Golden Stays Golden"

That's one of my favorite sayings! All the original designs created by Unique Jewelry for Men are as beautiful as they ever were. Just as a beautifully classic work of art is always beautifully classic, so it is with all the elegant jewelry designs you see on this site.

May they be an inspiration to you as you look for that unique original piece that has YOU written all over it!

All the fine pieces of jewelry displayed are the result of skilled artists and artisans working together as a single cohesive unit meeting the wants and needs of discerning male buyers of unique jewelry.

The Jewelry Design Team

The original team included sculptors, lapidary artists, gems importers and brokers, jewelry designers, certified gemmologists, diamond brokers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, pearl importers and more. Allow me to introduce them...

Image of Yves St-Pierre, Sculptor and Lapidary Artist Yves St-Pierre is a Sculptor and Lapidary Artist. He says lapidary art gives him an opportunity to express two facets intrinsic to his personal development...

"Given its inescapable rigor, it is a science in itself, requiring a vast range of knowledge. It also imposes a certain amount of humility, in terms of respecting the laws of nature, which leave absolutely no margin for error."

"Once this scientific rigor is achieved, movement finally allows my boundless and limitless imagination to take over, so my thoughts can find expression in shapes and colors."

Yves' work has been featured in countless exhibitions worldwide.
Image of Jean-Marc Gagné, Gems Importer and Broker, Jewelry Designer Jean-Marc Gagné is a Gems Importer and Broker, and Jewelry Designer for both men's and women's pieces. His passion has driven him to dedicate his life to the research of esthetics, beauty and excellence.

His eye for exceptional gemstones led him to faraway countries to hand-pick and import the best gem specimens, the kind that seldom reach our market.

Jean-Marc sees the world through the eyes and the mind of a professional designer, architect and historian of art. His criteria of excellence are set high and nothing less will do.
Image of Max Cloutier, Gems Broker and Gemmologist F.C.GmA. Max Cloutier is a Gems Broker and Gemmologist F.C.GmA. Max Cloutier's first love was for flowers. A fascination for their endless colors, hues and shades as well as their delicate shapes led to gemmology.

As a gemstone broker, Max always takes great care in selecting the best colors, brilliant cuts and good clarity. His selection also takes into consideration the best value for everyone's budget.

Driven by his love for colors, he got involved in searching for the best natural colored pearls and colored diamonds nature has to offer. Max is definitely a gardener of beauty.
Image of Denise Segat, Diamond Broker Denise Segat is a Diamond Broker. She says, "As a woman I always shared the fascination of most women for diamonds: their pure, crisp brilliant look, their cold and timeless endurance, not to forget their symbol of eternal love."

"The diamond business is not as glamorous as it seems. One must always be on the lookout to get the best quality for the best prices. It is key to be aware and informed about the latest synthetic and imitation diamonds on the market."

"And of course, it goes almost without saying how very rewarding it is to look at a beautiful piece of designer jewelry adorned with quality diamonds."
Image of Jean-Jacques Cricoveanu, Jeweler, Goldsmith C.A.P., Jewelry Designer H.B.J.O. Paris, France Jean-Jacques Cricoveanu is a Jeweler, Goldsmith C.A.P., Jewelry Designer H.B.J.O. (Paris, France). He is is an artist in the true meaning of the word. Painter, sculptor, his inspiration comes with every breath of air.

His favorite muse is the vegetal world from which he takes the essence of nature and rearranges it into magnificent pieces of mineral art.

A passionate artist, Jean-Jacques finds is realization in the creation of unique pieces of jewelry. Born with incredible patience, he spends every spare moment sketching and designing on paper what will become pieces of wearable art with a definite European flavor. Jean-Jacques studied jewelry design, goldsmithing and jewelry making in Paris.

He worked for many years as a jewelry designer on the prestigious Place Vendôme in Paris before coming to Canada.
Image of Michel Bonnefoy, Gemmologist F.C.GmA., Tahitian Cultured Pearl Importer Michel Bonnefoy is a Gemmologist F.C.GmA., and Tahitian Cultured Pearl Importer. Some time ago, Michel Bonnefoy fell in love with Tahitian cultured pearls. His fascination became his obsession.

Shortly after he received his certification as a gemmologist, off he went to the French Polynesian Islands to harvest the precious gems with the pearl farmers.

After many trips back and forth between Tahiti and Canada, he established a sound relationship with the producers which enabled him to import these unique exotic gems at a very competitive price.

Tahitian pearls have been known for centuries in those part of the world, but their worldwide commercialization is fairly recent. Every year or so, the black pearl producers come up with an improved or new product.

Michel makes sure that he stays on top of the situation and provides his market with the best of what paradise islands have to provide.
Image of Catherine Lachapelle, Gemmologist F.C.GmA., Jeweler Catherine Lachapelle is a Gemmologist F.C.GmA and Jeweler. She blends the competence of a gemmologist and the art of a jeweler. Her attraction for colorful gemstones and her love of nature makes her work very unique.

Always experimenting, Catherine comes up with the most interesting combinations of materials. She uses not only precious metal, but also rare pieces of wood, gold leaf, bronze and whatever she feels is attractive without inhibitions.

Her naturally happy disposition is highly reflected in her work with a touch of humor and a definite projection of her inner soul. Catherine's wearable art will please the free-spirited individuals looking for a piece of jewelry that will set them apart.
Image of Thanh Van Pham, Gemmologist F.C.GmA., Jeweler Thanh Van Pham is a Gemmologist F.C.GmA and Jeweler. As a young boy in Vietnam, he first learned jewelry-making the old-fashioned way while working as an apprentice for his uncle.

When he arrived in Canada in 1975, unlike most jewelers in the western world, he was able to make the most intricate piece of jewelry without any of the modern tools in existence here. Thanh has since adapted his work to the new technology while always keeping one step ahead of his competitors.

His training as a gemmologist is clearly visible in his creations. For him, all gems are precious and he likes to introduce some of the less commercial gems to his customers. "A world without colors is a sad world. That's why I like to make colorful jewelry to give people some wearable joy."

Although the previous owners have moved on and the original team has disbanded, their spirit lives on in the beautiful work you can still see on every page of this site.

For our precious visitors interested in jewelry like that displayed on this site, we have found and will continue to seek alternative sources of supply. Let us know what you're looking for through the Design Your Own page or just contact us.